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Mark has been a professional speaker for 5 years and has spoken to thousands of people working in technical organisations around the world. His work centres on his experiences as a gay man working in the male-majority sector of engineering.

He won the Corporate Rising Star award at the British LGBT Awards in 2016 and was ranked number 2 in the Financial Times Future LGBT+ Leaders 2016.

He is an experienced keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, leadership trainer and event host. His style is engaging, authentic and relatable for influencing the hearts and minds of his audience. His presence is impactful whether in-person or through virtual delivery.

Mark speaks about inclusion, diversity, psychological safety and how to build empathy with others through understanding your own story. Click here to enquire about Mark’s availability.


Audiences will:

  • Consider how they would respond to safety emergencies
  • Reflect on their comfort level responding to mental health emergencies
  • Explore how psychological safety is a cornerstone for a just culture
  • Recognise their part in creating inclusive cultures
  • Increase trust levels among colleagues, peers and customers
  • Understand the importance of their own diversity story
  • Get comfortable in exploring different identities

Keynote Description

“Inclusion is psychological safety”
If you are not looking out for someone else’s safety, then how confident can you be people are looking out for you? How safe does that make you feel?

Mark uses his experience as a technical safety engineer to explain how we can show up better at creating inclusive cultures. He explores how the male suicide rate in engineering is an indicator that there is a disconnect between the intention of inclusion and belonging programmes, and how men experience inclusion.

Mark presents a new way of framing the conversation on diversity and inclusion in a way that we can all aspire to be better at looking out for one another and get curious about exploring identities to which we do not belong.

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