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Dr Mark McBride-Wright CEng, MIChemE is a recognised diversity and inclusion leader, who speaks about psychological safety in inclusive teams.

He is founder and Managing Director of EqualEngineers, a company offering a wide array of diversity & inclusion consultancy and training services, as well as creative events.

Mark founded the Equality in Engineering conference, and the Engineering Talent Awards.

He speaks on his research in Masculinity in Engineering, inclusive leadership in engineering, and LGBTQ+ in engineering.

Mark has delivered 25 Engineering & Technology careers fairs since 2017 connecting over 10,000 diverse opportunity-seekers with over 100 inclusive employers. Mark also founded the Equality in Engineering conference, and the Engineering Talent Awards, and established the Masculinity in Engineering research theme leading to a new way to deliver more impactful positive interventions on organisational culture change.

Mark has trained thousands of engineers on creating inclusive cultures from front line leaders and operatives to senior leadership and executive teams. Clients include EDF Energy, McLaren Racing, Eurostar, GKN Aerospace, Institution of Mechanical Engineers amongst others.


What They Say


Listen to Mark’s podcast “The EqualEngineers Podcast” where he uncovers the diversity story behind leading engineers and those working with the profession, championing change. Hear from leaders, academics, entrepreneurs, and agents of change truly transforming the understanding of who engineers are and what engineers do.

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